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Welfare Benefits

Information and advice

Mo Aldred has been the Whitby DAG Welfare Rights Advisor since 2000 and can give confidential benefit advice over the telephone or face to face at our Whitby office. Mo can also make home visits in Whitby and District.

Mo can help to complete benefits claim forms and give support to prepare for appeals.Mo can also help to complete Blue Badge forms.

DAG charges for some of our services. Please see details below.


Types of Benefit

Attendance Allowance (AA)

This is a non-means tested benefit for people over 65 who have personal care needs.

There are two rates of benefit, one for day time care needs and one for both day and night.


Carers Allowance (CA)

Carers Allowance is a benefit for people who regularly spend at least 35 hours per week caring for a person who receives Personal Independence Payment daily living component, or Disability Living Allowance care component (middle or higher rate), or Attendance Allowance. The weekly rate is £62.70.

You may be able to claim Carers Allowance if:

You are not earning more than £116 per week on average.

You are aged over 16.

You do not study for 21 hours or more per week.


Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

(Disability Living Allowance (DLA) has been replaced by Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for adults aged under 65 years. If you are aged under 65 years and are already on DLA, you will be reassessed for PIP. You will lose your entitlement to DLA if you have been invited to claim PIP and choose not to do so.

If you were aged 65 or over on 8th April 2013 and receiving DLA, you will remain on DLA as long as you continue to meet the disability criteria. 

Disability Living Allowance remains in place for children under 16 years of age. 


Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

This is a non-means tested benefit for people up to the age of 65 with a long term, permanent condition that affects their walking ability and their ability to look after themselves at home.

The mobility component is paid at lower or higher rate and the care component is paid at lower, middle or higher rate. ( standard and enhanceed rates only on the PIP)


Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

Introduced in October 2008 to replace Income Support and Incapacity Benefit, ESA is paid if you are unable to work or have limited capability for work because of illness or disability.

There are two types of ESA - Contributory and Income-related.

To qualify you must be aged between 16 years and under the state pension age.


Benefits Check

We can provide a full Benefits Check to assess your entitlement to any benefits. DAG charges for the Welfare Benefits Service at the following rates:



Full Benefits Check/ Advice - No charge

Attendance Allowance - £10 for help to complete the form, plus equivalent to one week's benefit if claim is successful.

Carers Allowance - £5.00 for help to complete the form

Disability Living Allowance/ Personal Independence Payment - £10 for help to complete the form, plus equivalent to one week's benefit if claim is successful.

Employment and Support Allowance - £5 for help to complete the form

Blue Badge - £5 for help to complete the form